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Facial Mask


HydraFacial is no ordinary facial.

A cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating treatment.

Blue Water


Remove dead skin, improve excess cuticles & fine lines

Hydrogen Oxygen Infusion

Moisturising, quickly penetrates the skin & increases skin vitality

Hydrogen Oxygen Serum Infusion

Oily Skin - Acne care, blackhead, sebum, debris, inner pores cleansing, sterilization, anti-inflammatory, antibiotics effects.

Dry Skin - Penetration of moisture & nutrients. Contains fermented extract of EGF & Galactomyces. Lustering, clean, elastic skin


10 to 30 million vibration, deep penetration & repairing.

Cold Hammer

Whitens, rejuvenates skin, shrinks pores & reduces sensitivity

RF Lifting

Stimulates collagen, lifts & tightens skin.

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